5 years after Muna Obiekwe died, see recent photos of his wife and kids

One of the deaths that shocked the nollywood industry and the whole world, is the death of Muna Obiekwe. Muna Obiekwe gave up the ghost on 18th of January, 2015, after suffering from kidney failure.

The father of two was a great asset to the entertainment industry, due to his unique acting skills, and his ability to perfectly execute any role he was given in a movie. Some of the popular movies Muna Obiekwe featured in include: Men in Love, Eye of the gods, Songs of Sorrow, My Darling Princess, The Laptop, Negative Influence, among others.

Muna Obiekwe was  was buried on 3rd February 2015 at his hometown, Umudioka.

See the pictures he took prior to his death below:

Muna Obiekwe was married to Gift Obiekwe, and they both gave birth to two children. Photos below

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