4 years after Julius Agwu recovered from brain tumour, this is how his family is living


In the year 2016, Comedian Julius Agwu survived a brain tumour after a surgical brain operation was performed on him

After the medical treatment, he gave his life to Christ and was teaching and lecturing more often anytime he had the chance to talk openly. 

But that wasn't over. Few months after, Julius had another tumour after the first brain surgery that nearly took his life. But God restored his life.

In an interview with Punch news paper, Julius Agwu said:

'Truly, I would not have been alive if not for the mercy of God. I died and woke up again. I was restored back to life

My father who died twelve years ago chased me back and said, it is not yet my time. My wife stood by me during all these period of sickness and God would continue to honour her because she is God sent. Despite everything that happened, she stood by me. I was dead and they were taking me to the mortuary but my hand moved, this was the point where I was returned to the hospital. I thank God for everything. Julius said."

We have nothing but to thank God for protecting his life.

The comedian is living fine with his lovely wife and children today.

You can watch a video of him playing with his children

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