24 years after acting Karishika, see how the main star looks now

Karishika is a Nollywood horror movie released in 1996 about a girl who has been sent to the world to destroy, kill and tempt people to increase the amount of souls in hell.

The main character was played by Becky Okorie, who was still in her young days then.

Directed by Christian Onu, written by Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi and Felix Okoro.

Where Is She Now?

To the shock of fans, she did not feature in many other movies. There were rumours that, her role in the movie exposed her to spiritual attacks which led to her downfall.

But that wasn't the case, even though she stopped acting, she seems to be doing well. She is married to a US citizen and has relocated to the US. She and her husband have a 7 year old son together.

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