Reason your penis started shrinking all of a sudden

Yes, it's a known fact that there are couple of factors that could make the size of penis to reduce, which includes, aging, obesity, prostrare surgery, a curving of the penis, known as Peyronie’s disease..

But it's more scary, when you are not having any of the above mentioned and your penis starts shrinking all of a sudden.
Now, this is the reason.


Chemicals from cigarette smoking can injure the blood vessels in the penis, preventing the penis from filling with blood and stretching. Regardless of the stimuli and the effect on the brain, if the blood vessels are damaged, the penis will not achieve an erection.

A study carried out in 1998 by the Boston University of Medicine examined the erect penises of 200 men. According to one report, the results of the study found smokers had shorter erect penises compared to men who did not smoke. Researchers believe this is because smoking inhibits blood flow, preventing the penis from stretching, which might reduce penis length.

Smoking is also associated with erectile dysfunction (ED), this according to a 2017 study reported in the BJU International. ED affects a man’s ability to maintain an erection, and smoking may prevent erections.


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Most causes of penis shrinkage, such as smoking and weight gain, can be addressed by making lifestyle changes. If medications are causing the penis to shrink, an adjustment in medication can reverse the shrinkage.

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