Reason people react to compliment differently

Reason people react to compliment differently

Have you ever wondered why some people appreciate praises, while some play cold to it?

Why some reply Facebook comments with just "likes" while some return the love with same amount of words?

A compliment that could warm your heart could also be a turn off for another.

The reasons have been explained according to the Zodiac signs. And here we go..


Aries love compliment more than any thing. They will go their way to impress you the more when complimented.

They are daring, courageous and willing to take risks that others would avoid. Just throw them a few praises, and they will soar.
They love to be noticed and praised..


Taurus are not always so comfortable receiving compliments. Infact, if you want to throw them off balance, just brush them a little compliment.
They are, however quite good at singing their own virtues and at reminding people of the value they bring to the table.


If you want Cancer to do more, don't forget to shower them with compliment and praises. They adore compliments.
It makes them feel warm and gooey inside and inspires them to return the favor with words or actions.

To Cancer, family comes first and would sacrifice for the happiness of the family, but will turn cold if the sacrifice is not well recognized and complimented.


Ook....A Gemini will thank you but will require you not to do it again.
Infact, every compliment sounds suspicious to a Gemini. They will think you are expecting something in return from them.

Gemini is not always so sure how they feel about praises, some days they are cool with it, but on others it can feel so fake.
And they will be brutal with anyone they suspect of speaking with a false tongue.

Sometimes, it's better not to compliment them, it doesn't stop them from doing whatever they want to do....

Are you a Gemini? Pls let us know more about this.


Oh Leo! Please keep praising them, keep complimenting them, they want to hear more about it, how good and kind they are.
Infact, it's like "compliment" is another word for "Leo"...

The Proud Leo who enjoys being in the spotlight and well recognized would always acknowledge and thank the complimenter and if you keep stroking their ego with lavish words you will become their favourite.


Hmmm....what's new? Nothing....They know their worth and wouldn't admire anyone reminding them.

As practical realists, they prefer real actions than mere flattery.

They also know their value, so it might seem to them like you’re just stating the obvious.


Throw a Libra some praises, and they will turn around and start praising you as well.

When a Libra gets complimented, they will wear a smile, blush and hug you with joy. To balance the scales they often immediately return the favor by telling you just how wonderful, brilliant and amazing you are too.


When complimenting a Scorpio, please let it be unique.

A Scorpio will appear to be indifferent when complimented but they are just processing and evaluating the value of such praises.
They will respond when they have ranked the quality of your praise to decide whether they are mere words or total nonsense.

They hate fake flattery but thoroughly enjoy unique compliments that have obviously had thought put into them.


Even though they love it, they will laugh it off like it's nothing

Sagittarius deflects a lot of praise with jokes and laughter. This doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy receiving compliments, it’s just that humor is their go to position for just about everything. They actually love a bit of buttering up – they use it as motivation to dazzle you with their brilliance. Sometimes compliments can lead to a stellar Sagittarius performance


They enjoy useful and constructive praises.
Yes they will enjoy it but don't skip their questions if you want them to appreciate your compliment.

Capricorns always strive for perfection. When you compliment them, they will require you to elaborate further in other to help them improve.
And when you fail to satisfy their curiosity, then you won't be forgiven for throwing such fake praises and will never take any words out of your mouth seriously.

They enjoy a positive performance evaluation and will use it to strive for perfection.


They only prefer a sincere praise and would give you a hug and thanks.

The Aquarius can take a moment to respond whilst they evaluate whether you are genuine or just trying to get something out of them. But if they find you to be truthful they will respond by giving thanks and a massive hug to whoever it is they are talking to. For bonus points try complimenting them on their intellect – they love that type of thing!


They will analyse every word and wonder if you truly mean them.
At first, they will be thrilled by your compliment, but then, they will go away to start analysing every word.

And sometimes, while over analysing them, they turn the words into negative.

They often create a story around what wasn’t said – so if told the skin colour is lovely, they will think you are actually telling them their skin is bad.

Expect to be bombarded about the real meaning of your compliment.

So which star sign are you? Can you relate to the above listed signs? Tell us in the comment box

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