Miracles milk and Garlic can do for you - Try it today

Miracles milk and Garlic can do for you - Try it today

For the lovers of good health, have you tried milk and garlic drink?

Garlic is an amazing Ingredient that has Countless health benefit but most people avoid it a lot because of specific taste and smell.

This method keep all the nutrients intact.
Milk and garlic combined together may sound to you as a crazy combination, but actually it’s an amazing one and offers numerous health benefits! You should definitely try it. This food combination sounds really strange we know but, it is worth a try.

Here, we’re presenting you a recipe that is called garlic milk and is a natural medicine. You should drink it warm!

500 ml of milk
10 minced garlic cloves
2-3 teaspoons of sugar
250 ml water

Put the water and milk in a pot and then add the garlic. Put the pot on the stove and let the mixture boil a bit. The heat must be medium and not more and you should stir all the time! Strain this and add sugar inside. Drink it warm!

3 garlic cloves every day at night, relieves this problem.

Take milk and garlic 3 times a day and treat this.

This drink helps you lower the bad cholesterol level and stops clots from forming, so the heart health becomes much better. It will be even more effective if you make this with low fat or skimmed milk.

Garlic is excellent against jaundice and toxin removal, too. The garlic activates good enzymes and the liver starts to work fine. Our liver needs sulfur in order to make the body detox and the garlic has that sulfur. This is very important for the liver and it is even better for fatty liver disease. It contains selenium too and makes more bile so the fat of the liver is lessened. If you drink milk and garlic for 5 days, the jaundice will be gone!

Take this mix every day and reduce such pains or inflammation!

The milk and garlic mixture soothes you and helps you relax more.


Add turmeric in this mixture and you’ve got the perfect cough cure. 

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