Shocking reason Husband cancelled wedding a day to the wedding

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Shocking reason Husband cancelled wedding a day to the wedding

A Nigerian lady, Sandra Ibeh, has narrated how a man cancelled his wedding, just a day to the date fixed for the wedding.

The lady revealed that the man cancelled the wedding because the bride -to-be slept with another guy two months ago.

Read the full gist below

Tomorrow is 31st December 2019 and the last day of this decade. While some are in celebration mood, a man has decided to humiliate a whole family by pulling out of his church and traditional wedding scheduled for tomorrow somewhere in Anambra because his bride to be cheated on him 2 months back.

In as much as I am not in support of what the bride did, I equally condemned the groom's last-minute decision. He knew that his bride cheated on his since October and didn't confront her. He went along with the marriage preparation putting the lady through so many stress while he remained in England hatching his evil plan.

He came back to Abuja on the 28th and told his mother this morning that he's not going ahead with the wedding.
The painful part of this whole thing is that he's acting as if he's doing the right thing. Spoke with him, he was laughing and the next thing he said was that I can provide my brother to take his place since everything is in place. He carefully planned to humiliate this girl and her family and to be honest, this is wrong.

Bride to be has been crying uncontrollably in the village. She admitted that she made a mistake and she regrets her action. She had more to drink during her friend's birthday and ended up sleeping with one of their mutual friends (action she greatly regrets) without knowing that it was a setup. The next day pictures were sent to her fiance and he held on to it and acted normal until today.

I asked him why he kept quiet and continued with the preparation, he said that he wants the girl to feel the kind of pain he felt when he saw the pictures.

I honestly think that what he's doing is wrong and insulting to both his family and the bride's family because both families have been preparing for this wedding and are ready until he called this morning to cancel.

Every other person is against his decision except his older brother but he's not ready to change his stance.

This is not the kind of news one should be hearing at the end of the year. It's painful and annoying.

 Meanwhile, the girl said that he had cheated on her before and she forgave him.

My question is, why can't he forgive her too and call it even? Why grandstand?

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