Nigerian girl narrates how she got married online

Nigerian girl shares how she got married online 
Love can come from anywhere, even from places you never imagined.
Most people believe that online love doesn't work.
But here is a sign that love can come from social media.

This beautiful lady has taken time, while celebrating her one year wedding anniversary to narrate how she met her true love from Facebook. 

You can read her below. 

Eze Angel Purity Tom....

“Wow today means a lot to me 30th Dec is the date.
The day I stood at the alter of God and made my vows to love and to cherish you, for richer and for richer 🤪, for better and for the best till death do us part my love ❤️.

I want to share a little story on how we met.
It all started in this platform FB and my friend Ezinwanyi Oma played a role too .
That faithful day Chidimma came to visit me from Houston to Maryland, we took pictures in the airport and she tagged me. The next day one of her FB friend name Thomas Takoh as of then, but now Tommy Sire T Kinging sent me a friend request.
I called her attention and ask if she knew him, and she said she don’t know him but let’s check him out ( u know gal’s stuff).
Well, after going through his page we are like wow he is cute. I accepted his request and the next minute the dude sent a message (Hello, how are u doing), me that likes to snub messages rushed and replied ooo, the guy is hot Biko.

We started chatting, my friend asked that I invite him over to take us out, at first I was shy to do it becos we just started talking but she kept disturbing me to invite him, so I had to comply with her. 

I invited the young man over, he accepted the offer immediately before we know it, he was already in my compound after giving him the address.
I don’t know if he even took his shower, Tom will kill me after reading this part.
To me it was love at first sight, we talked, laughed, played like we have known each other for a long time. We are so carried away that we forgot we are supposed to go out. He was too sweet, very cool to talk with. 

He took pictures of us that same night (selfie), he backed me and carried me upstairs, and we kissed in his car 
Menh That night I was just dreaming sweet dreams 
The relationship kicked off from there, one year later exactly the same day we met he proposed. 

Ok I will end it here, story continues later I know u want to read more AMEBOS 

And Today he is my husband, my better half and my soulmate

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