How to make tiger nut drink (kunu aya) with banana

How to make tiger nut drink (kunu aya) with banana.

You have been making your tigernut without banana.
Now adding banana juice is another way you can have your tigernut juice and enjoy the awesome health benefits one can get from consuming the drink.


1 mudu of tigernut
17 pieces of dabino (date nut)
I medium sized ginger
1 medium sized coconut
4 fingers of banana

Procedure :
Soak the tigernut today in d morning and by tomorrow evening you wash it thoroughly and don't forget to sort out spoilt ones together with stones.
When you're done washing you cut your coconut into pieces and pour inside, also pieces the ginger and dabino and pour inside.
Blend ur banana and squeeze out the juice.

Go and grind with engine making sure that the engine is thoroughly washed and was not used in grinding beans last.

After grinding, rush quick to your kitchen and use your akamu sieve and sieve very fast else it will spoil.

Pour your banana juice and stir, pour in bottles  and put straight to ur fridge.

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