How to make a sweet cake without oven

How to make a sweet cake without oven

By Jessy Ogechi Omeife

Flour, butter, sugar, eggs, milk flavor, little nutmeg, vanilla flavor, pineapple flavor, egg yellow, cake fruit,baking powder, preserve.

Put the butter in a bowl,(i used one and half satchet of Sima's margarine)
Add one cup of sugar (the cup is slightly bigger than milk cup)
Then mix well with a turner till its fully creamed.
Beat 7 eggs well. Pour into the creamed butter.
Start adding my flour (I used 2 cups of flour, same cup I used for sugar)
Mix as you add, then add the flavours.
One tablespoon of baking powder, milk flavor, vanilla flavor, nutmeg, little preserve. Mix well too. Then I mixed small egg yellow with very little water and added to the mix, turned everything well.
Rubbed butter on my baking pan, scooped in the mixed cake and placed on the already heated pot. (That is on top of the stove burner inside the pot) I already started heating it while mixing the cake.

I baked it for about 50mins under very low heat.
NB: I kept opening my pot at intervals to be sure the pot hasn't burnt o. Lol! This was my first time and I had fears of the pot burning but alas it came out clean!

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