Nigerian man's reaction after he discovers through DNA that his son is not his

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Nigerian man's reaction after he discovers through DNA that his son is not his

A Nigerian man is currently witnessing his worst nightmares after he discovered through a mandatory DNA test at the US Embassy that a kid he calls his own is not his son.
This story was made available by Rita Ebiuwa .
According to her, the man was planning on relocating to the USA when he discovered the shocking secret his wife had been keeping away from him.

You can read her below

    Just heard a most disturbing news this morning when a friend (male) called to tell me that the DNA test the US embassy did few weeks ago is out and its proves that his two ‘children’ a boy, 21yrs and the girl 17yrs are not his

    He decided to do it because he was planning to relocate them to the US since he is a citizen and as such the US embassy demanded for it

    The man was never married to the woman before they had the children. In one of the guy’s visit to Nigeria, that was when he met the woman and they started dating, when the guy went back, the woman called that she was pregnant.

    Few years later, he came back and continue the relationship with her without serious commitment.

    It is very obvious she did it deliberately because the man lives in the US probably better than the man who impregnated her, just wanted to trap the man
    What is wrong with our women these days, is it foolishness or unfaithfulness that is making them commit such horrible crime?

    Why not abort the pregnancy when you know you are not sure of the paternity? Why force it on an innocent man?
    She should take the children back to their real father to save the children of the stigma of being a bastard
    God really want to punish her otherwise she should not have agree to the DNA and imagine the trauma the children would be now after knowing that the man they call father all these years is not

    The same woman is happily married to another man, the question is, will her present husband trust her with the kids she had for him?
    God please comfort my friend, l know what he will be going through now

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