My wild cat - The Gynaecologist called his married lover cousin is gisting me now.
A very interesting story about a married woman whose name she gave as ND. She is married with 3 kids but she has a side cock. They have been secretly seeing each other for 4 years.

The sidecock is her gynaecologist. He delivered her 2 babies.
Anytime she delivers in his clinic, her husband will buy gift for the doctor and some of the nurses, because of the way he takes care of the wife during pregnancy.
He thought that the doctor was the type who takes care of his patience, but he never knew that, he was giving the wife a preferential treatment..
On January, the doctor attended the burial ceremony of ND's mother in-law based on her invitation.
When the husband sighted him, he was filled with appreciation that he attended the burial of his mother. He gave him a special attention, but the man never knew that, the "Gyna dey knack the wife front and back''.. Ewoo..
Now, the husband is advising her brothers and friends to always send their wives to the man's clinic, that he is the best gyna in town.

ND's husband and the Gyna are becoming good friends, he visits their house now.

Just last week, Nd complained of waist pains, she informed her husband about it, saying that she can't even stand up properly. So the unsuspecting husband who was busy in his shop immediately called the Gyna.
He felt relieved and thanked him warmly for coming to his rescue after he agreed to visit the wife at home to find out what was happening to her.
He showered him with praises, that he is the best friend and also a God sent to his family.

This was the plan of ND to feel the Gyna's cock in her pot at the comfort of her home without raising any suspicious feelings in her husband's mind. She knew that, her husband is always the busy type, he hardly leave his shop.

But a cliché says "change is always constant. The way ND sounded created panic in his heart. So, he had to rush home to find out the state of his lovely wife, the mother of his 3 beautiful kids.

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