Why Aquarius and Scorpio are powerfully attracted to each other

Why Aquarius and Scorpio are powerfully attracted to each other

Aquarius are ambitious and powerful individuals. This sign is second-last on the zodiac chart at Number 11. It is an Air sign and Aquarius symbol is a Water bearer. Those born under it are extremely creative, intelligent, and driven. They have progressive thought process. They believe they can bring a positive change to the society and have the willpower as well as the ability to work tirelessly towards achieving the same.

Scorpio is one of the most secretive and inexplicable signs of the zodiac. The mystical aura of these people adds a unique charm to Scorpio personalities. They are ambitious and dedicated individuals who rely on their sharp intellect to solve every problem that comes their way. This sign comes eighth on the zodiac chart and is represented by the symbol of Scorpion.

Aquarius and Scorpio Love Match
The sense of secrecy that the Aquarius is known for tends to attract the Scorpion from the very first date. The idea of peeling through the layers of the Aquarius and understanding his/her depth is enthralling and exciting to the Scorpio.

Scorpio is a passionate and honest sign. Such qualities sometimes make people with this sign get off on the wrong foot with certain people. However, that does not happen with the Aquarius. The water-bearer has an unbiased and non-judgmental personality. This helps the Scorpion free up and express openly to the Aquarius, once he/she realizes that the latter is an understanding and open-minded person.

Both Aquarius and Scorpio are extremely intellectual people with razor sharp focus. They are attracted to each other on the cerebral level thus, tend to have more than one intellectually stimulating conversation with each other from time to time.

This emotional connection between Scorpio and Aquarius sides is enhanced in the bedroom, where they share an undeniable and exciting chemistry. The physical attraction between Aquarius and Scorpio is off the charts and will help them create some unforgettable memories on this front.

They have enough similarities to hit it off with each other. They are both rebels on certain fronts and thus, find it easy to relate to each other on some core beliefs.

The challenge that the water bearer and the Scorpion will face the most in their relationship is their inability to come to terms with each other’s emotional requirements. While the Aquarian prefers to stay closed off and guarded, the Scorpion requires expressiveness from time to time.

This is a horoscope compatibility that has its sets of positives and negatives. When Aquarius and Scorpio come together with each other and if they want to commit to each other with seriousness, they must pledge to invest in their bond. A strong connection is the key to the success of this particular relationship. If the water bearer and the Scorpion manage to build that, they would’ve found themselves a lifetime of companionship and contentment.

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