Update: The reason behind the marriage of 15 year old girl to 56 year old imbecile and her rescuer

This is the power of Social media in action. If not for social media, we wouldn't have known that such ill fated marriage took place.
There was an outrage after the post of a 15 year old girl who got married to a 56 year old mentally deranged man went viral.
Majority abhorred the act, calling it despicable, while few supported the marriage.

Among the people who were against the marriage was Prince Gwamishinu Emefiele Harrison who has taken up the issue to rescue the girl from a marriage she never consented to

The good news is that, she will be getting rescued soon.

Her rescuer, has sworn to rescue her from that marriage and has been posting on Social media his developments so far, how he has involved security personals, lawyers in the rescue.

You can read the screen shots below

And today, there was a good development.  Read below

Emefiele wrote
 UPDATE: RE: CHILD MARRIAGE...15yrs old Chinwe married to 56yrs old Ozubulu man.  #RetrieveChinwe
Step 1: Petition approved by Anambra State Police Command. Parents invited for interview by Area Command Ihiala.

Interviewing the mother, she said her daughter is of age to marry because she too married at the age of 13years.

We have informed them the consequences of their actions and advise them the chances they have.

Next: Retrieving Miss Chinwe from Ozubulu

Thanks to Efficient Grace Ume who is on ground to see that Justice is served and Barr. Ajuebor Favour for his continued free service to us and Anwulika E. Udanoh for all the phone calls and prayers

More update soon.


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