Update: Chinwe and Izu dated before marriage, she is not happy she was separated from him

Update: Chinwe and Izu dated before marriage, she is not happy she was separated from him

More updates have surfaced, revealing how Izu and Chinwe dated before the traditional marriage.
Chinwe was not forced into the marriage and she is not happy she was rescued.

This post was made by one Chukwunonso who claims to be Izu's closest friend.. You can read below

izu(Izu is the accused) ‘s very close friend.....
(I actually suspected something like this)
There's something I want to say about recent stories surrounding the traditional marriage of my friend izunna.
And I don't know where to begin.
First of all. The man, izu is my friend and a brother. I know him all my life. And I even know the girl that he married.
He and the girl dated for a while before he married her. I even attended the traditional marriage.
Some of us his friends posted a picture of him and his wife on a Facebook, and some overSabi human rights activists took it personal.

They started ranting. "oh a 56 years old man married a 15 years old girl.
Oh. They forced the girl into marriage.
Oh. Her parents have sold her into marrying an old man."
But it's all lies and far from the truth.
People just saw something on Facebook and Twitter and took offence.
Some of these overSabi lawyers even came from far place to ozubulu my hometown, in their so called operation # SaveChinwe. Because they read and saw something on Facebook, and they think that they have understand the whole thing.
Izu may look old but he's not really fifty something years old like I'm seeing all over social network. And izu have some sort of physical deform, but he has a sharp brain. And he's a good man. Ever since I know him. I've never heard that he got into a problem with anybody.
And chinwe is not 15 years old. She's 17 years old.
Yes. She's too young to marry. But nobody forced her to do anything.
But these desperate so called human rights activists with police just came out to his house yesterday with police and took his wife away and lock him up because they saw something like child abuse on Facebook.
Izu doesn’t even use Facebook.
It's one of us who are his friends posted the pictures of his traditional marriage on Facebook and people misinterpreted it. We don't meant to destroy his marriage but this is what we have caused. Izu is still in detention as I'm writing this.
Even his wife who they claim that they saved was not really happy with her so called saving. Because there's nothing to be saved in the first place.
She even told the police that nobody forced her to do anything. That she willing married izu. Yet they wisked her away.
Like I said. It may sound weird but they actually love each other. I know them for a long time. She will come back to izu, when the dust settled. When the so called human rights activists declared 'mission accomplished' and go back to their miserable lives.
Right now, the family are organizing to see how they will bail out izunna.
People just don't want to mind their business. I even read somewhere that izu family have money. That's why the parents of the girl forced her to marry him.
But my people. Look at that picture of their traditional marriage. Where the girl was sitting on izu lap. Do it look like a traditional marriage of rich people? They don't even have the money to sew or buy traditional marriage dressing.
It really hurt me to read all these things and see all these things happening to izunna.
These are one of the negative effects of social network. People just see something on Facebook, and they started taking it personal and judging. Without getting the clear picture.

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  1. don't mind this people, they just want their imbecile brother to be married by all means


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