Update: 15 year old Chinwe has a son, commissioner moves to adopt her and her son

Update: 15 year old Chinwe has a son, commissioner moves to adopt her and her son

You can read the latest development below

Commissioner for Women Affairs Anambra State has promised to take in 15yr old Chinwe and her son and be a mother to them!
Coincidentally, the Commissioner is also from Ozubulu. She is passionate about this case because she also suffered what Chinwe is going through now at the tender age of 13 but her Chi saw her through.

In her words, the Marriage will not hold, not even over her dead body!

Thanks Prince Gwamnishu Emefiele Harrison for being on ground to follow up with my own moves.

Thanks kid Sister Chief Ogochukwu Obiorah for answering when I called and making sure that this got to the right people since I am not on ground.

We have a Government that cares for her citizens so don't hide evil when you see it.

Speak up and leave the rest to us, by the grace of God!
                                           anwulika Udenoh

And Chibuzor Ikeh's statement below

I just got off the phone with the P.A to the commissioner for women affairs Anambra and the commissioner herself and they have reliably inform me that the parent of this young girl has been arrested and currently cool of at State CID , as the department has gone to fetch Chinwe (the girl) and Izuchukwu Igwilo (the man) as the magistrate at the customary court has confess that all eye are on this matter and the needful has to be done .
The commissioner is currently awaiting for the Igwilos and the girl as the state CID command has gone to fetch them to avert then anul  the marriage , withdraw the girl and the bride price back to the IGWILO as the commissioner for Women Affairs and other well meaning Anambrian as volunteer to train the 15years old child to any education level including the son.

There is sure Victory over Darkness as me Chibuzor Linda Ikeh is not giving up.

Once the bride price they paid on the gurl is returned today or Monday I would be signing off this case as there is victory over Darkness and we all have triumph.

As many that shared the post we all made it and to my fellow Amazon Awulika God bless us all.

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