The confession of a man who has over 150 sexual partners

The confession of a man who has over 150 sexual partners

A man identified as JJ, a self-confessed “generous lover who is blessed in the trouser area” has claimed to have over 150 sexual partners and has slept with 30 women in the past six months.

But shockingly, he says that despite having around 150 sexual partners and working as an escort he’s only used a condom once.

“Thinking about it now, that’s bad isn’t it?” he says, before admitting that he’s come to the clinic today after having a threesome with two of his friends.

The Sex Clinic sees people come in for sexual health checks on camera, and it’s clear that former holiday rep JJ is in need of some help after he confesses to sleeping with hundreds of women without using condoms.
    “I’ve been paid for sex,” he says. “I served drinks in a thong and was regularly asked for extras, it was older women in their 40s or 50s as well.”
And sexual health nurse Sarah Mulindwa is shocked when JJ says he didn’t even use protection with his clients.

JJ is joined in the clinic by his best friend Patrick, who has slept with “between 20 and 30” women in the past year following a break up.

The main reason why JJ and Patrick are at the clinic is because they’ve recently had a threesome with a female friend.

I don’t even know how it happened,” says Patrick. “It somehow went from us being out in Southend to all three of us having a threesome round his.”

The pair both confess that it was “weird at first” but say they didn’t “cross swords” and that no touching of each other was involved.

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