Man kills beautiful wife with the help of his side chic

Man kills beautiful wife with the help of his side chic

A woman who was named, Mary was allegedly killed by her husband and his mistress and had her body thrown into a dam.

You can read the report below by a Kenyan news outlets

Detectives probing murder of Kiambu woman Mary Wambui who was allegedly killed by husband Joseph Kori in collusion with side chick Judy Wangui have found crucial information that could help unravel who exactly ended her life.

One suspect, Michael Githae Mathenge, a car-hire services operator who was arrested on suspicion of helping Wangui ferry and dump Wambui's body in a dam has opened up to police what exactly transpired on the fateful Saturday, January 26.

Wangui killed Wambui by hitting her on the head with a pressure cooker. They scrambled for a knife before Wangui ran to the kitchen came back with a pressure cooker and hit Wambui before strangling her to death," said Mathenge in reference to Wangui's narration.

The narration was in tandem with the postmortem report which concluded Wambui's skull had cracked from impact of a blunt object besides stating suffocation was part of her death's cause.

Mathenge said Wangui blackmailed him into helping her ferry the body of Wambui from her kitchen where she had wrapped it with bed sheets and covers.

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