Lizzy Anjorin is busy exposing somebody on social media

Lizzy Anjorin is busy exposing somebody on social media

Chai oo! This lady and her bad mouth!
See eh, it's not always good to tell anybody your secret, even if that person is your closest friend, because one day, misunderstanding will arise, and that your secret will become an open secret..

Read what she is busy posting on scial media

You ve been enjoying yourself from one political rally to another ve been enjoying yourself from your man or one bed to ve been sleeping on your bed or bed of your choice, I ve being sleeping on bear floor or single bed with bed bugs ve been eating food of your choice, I ve being eating rotten and sour food/bread ,fruit and water just wake up one day to hate me or say trash about my deadly hustle and your generation will never be congratulated insha Allah all should enjoy your money you get from campaign or your means but never envy me when my glory is shinning ....

The energy you all gather to dance and walk around, just use it to utilise the money you all get from the ish** least the whole world can see who collect money from politicians now ...

All my life, I never join trash to sell masses but this same evil oloriburuku will be saying trash and be hating on me calling me names ..eni ku ire will see them on social media or real life circulating lies that I got money from politicians when I knew nothing all my life all should try and keep their names and save their faces they will soon come out with envy and fight ..i believe we can all support them without collecting a dime/ penny...We expected them to perform but you collect the money they suppose to use for infrastructures ( good schools, hospitals, roads, pipe borne water) to collect rice and garri ..

I ve nothing against you but don't go and finish it and come on social media to say trash about me cos I will put my hand under my breast and curse you to death and the sprit of my late parent will visit you all in a negative way if you dare to say negative things about me ..awon oloriburuku they will soon open private account to vent their angers/ hunger after 2weeks of elections..awon

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