27 ways you can live life without any regret

27 ways you can live a regret free life

Imagine living your life to the fullest without having any regrets? You know how awesome that would be?

Below are 27 ways you can live a regret free life..

1, Give more compliments.
Why hold back? There's no point! It's surprising what a kind, sincere word can do for someone.

2, Get up earlier.
So much precious life is wasted by over-sleeping. Enjoy the magical mornings at 5 a.m. once in a while!

3, Just go for it.
Remove fear and go for what you want. You might regret later if you allow fear rule

4, Smile more
When it feels good. People who smile are the best. And it makes you look sexy too.

5, Call your parents. 
You never know when they'll be gone for good.

6, Don't believe all your thoughts. 
Thoughts are just thoughts, and they can be changed. Be lighter about them

7, Risk more. 
Why hold back? The purpose of life isn't to make it through unscathed. See the world! Commit to something! Speak up!

8, Wear stuff that makes you feel fabulous.
You're worth it! And it's OK to stand out.

9, Don't expect other people to see things the way you do.
They might also be right in their own thinking

10, Add—don't subtract! 
The universe is one of inclusion. What we think about expands. So instead of subtracting fries, add salad. Instead of subtracting a toxic friend, add more time with a positive friend. Adding naturally dulls the rest out!

11, Don't think your job is your only creative expression. 
Got other skills? Start a side hustle!
12, Spend a day a week with your phone in a drawer.
There was a time without phones, we all lived.
13, Tell yourself you are beautiful. Because you are. 
Photos you'll look at 10 years from now will have you thinking, I was so cute!
14, Get outside for 10 minutes a day. 
Put your hand on a tree. Look at a flower for 15 seconds. And look up at the sky, not down at a screen.
15, Cherish your beloved.
See the things you want to see in that person. Praise them. Give encouragement! Your life partner is the most precious thing in your life.
16, Laugh over being offended. 
This is what happy people do.
17, Follow your instincts.
No one knows what's in your heart but you.
18, Be responsible for your decisions. Don't blame others for what goes wrong for you. This is the most freeing thing you'll ever do!
19, Think about stuff that makes you happy. 
And do it a lot. This makes you a magnet for more happy stuff.
20, Lovingly release people who don't appreciate you.
That way, you'll make room for people who will.
21, Stand up for yourself. 
You'll know when it's time.
22, Forgive everybody. 
And never hurt anyone intentionally.
23, Visualize everything going the way you want. 
The mind doesn't know the difference. It's what the top athletes do for a reason. They win mentally first.
24, Don't point out anyone's mistakes 
If you have to, do it indirectly. No one likes to be wrong, and it won't win you any friend.
25, Decide that change is always a good thing.
It's the only sure thing in life.
26, Know that money will flow to you. Look around! You're always being supported.

27, Say sorry first. 
Who cares who is in the wrong? In two weeks, you won't even remember the fight. Choose kindness over being right. You won't waste time sulking either.
28, Relax.
Because everything's gonna be OK.

You can add to the list..

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  1. You wrote mainy points to consider about before taking decisions. It's really helpful for me.


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