14 signs your soul is over 1000 years old

Signs your soul is over 1000 years old

You have this wonder when your perspective seems a deep difference from people around you?

Your parents told you that when you were very little, your attitude was like that of an old person?

Reincarnation is the belief that when you die, your soul gets reborn again.

Some belief systems say you could be reincarnated as anything - a bird, cockroach, or a cow. Other systems of belief think that we may reincarnate as people over and over again.

There are different theories as to why this process exists, but no one knows for sure.

Below are signs your soul has experienced several different lifetimes. You should take note of number 8

1. You keep having the same dream.
Dreams are a reflection of the things you see in your life. Did you know that, even if they seem very unfamiliar, every face in your dreams is one you've seen before?

It's that fact that compels me to add recurring dreams to this list. Do you have strange dreams that happen over and over again in the exact same way every time?

Do people and places in these dreams appear to represent a particular period in history? Do you ever die in this dream?

It might be a sign that your soul is recalling memories from a past life, one that your current incarnation didn't experience but your previous one did. Of course, it's not a sure sign of reincarnation. Yours may be a new soul still.

2. Your intuition is strong and incredibly useful.

Intuition stems from the ability to tap into wisdom and knowledge that isn't readily available for us to articulate.

Sometimes these bits and pieces of wisdom come from experiences you've had already in your life, but that isn't always the case.

Those of us who tend to be wise and in control may simply be more soulfully mature. If you have a strong intuition, it may be an indication that your soul springs from a well of past experiences just waiting to be tapped into.

3, You find yourself doing things you had no idea about.
I still remember a 9 year old boy who just entered a car and started driving it. Everybody was surprised. He never learnt it and his parents never had a car.
According to him, he used to see himself as a woman driving a car.
He was having a reflection of his past life. He was a female in his past life.

4. Some of your memories seem like they're out of place or don't fit.
This happens to children in particular quite often. Kids are a lot closer to the crossing-over point for a soul than adults are, and they're often able to recall things from past lives much easier.

As a kid, did you have memories you couldn't quite place? Did they take place with people who aren't actually a part of your current life or in a period of time that doesn't include the time you've been alive?

Having out of place memories is common in people who have had past lives. The more past lives you've had, the more these memories may occur. The brain can play tricks on us though. So be careful not to rush to judgement on this one.

5. You routinely experience déjà vu.
 I'm not talking about the occasional bits and pieces of déjà vu we experience.

I mean déjà vu that is clearly an indication that you've been somewhere before, met someone before, and it impacts your knowledge of certain things.

People who have been reincarnated may visit an unfamiliar city or country and know exactly where things are and how to get around.

People who have been reincarnated may know an older person - even their name and background, even though you haven't actually met in this lifetime.

6. You're strongly empathic.
Empaths are people who aren't able to shake the feelings of others terribly well. Highly empathic people may have trouble being in a crowded space full of people.

They often directly feel the experiences of the people around them. Sometimes people use empathy to forget their own problems and deal with other people.

But it could be a real sign that your soul has had previous incarnations and is more geared toward healing the world than the self.

7, You made no strong connection with your parents.

This one is almost exclusively experienced in children. As a child, you might love and respect your parents, but you don't have that pull toward them.

That unconditional love and appreciation for them. Why? A previous incarnation may have died young, and it simply misses its parents from that time.

Have you had dreams about having other parents? Could you recall their names and where they lived? Or did you never really have that close fondness with your parents? It may be a sign that you've lived once before.


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