The meaning of the dark line on people's stomach and why it's there

Have you ever wondered what that dark line on some pregnant women's stomach?

And it gets more confusing when you see it on the stomach of people who are not even pregnant.

And more shocking, on the stomach of some men..
Well, the name is "Linea nigra.

Linea nigra is the scientific name for it, but its generally known as the "pregnancy line".

Scientists believe that, it is related to the changing hormones or imbalances of hormones due to your growing baby that is stretching the tommy.

One theory proves that, melanocyte-stimulating hormone created by the placenta is the main contributing factor. This hormone is also believe to cause the darkening around the nipples.

Main fact is that, it's not related to pregnant women only. It can also form in men with big tummy or even in women who are not pregnant.

Linea nigra has always been there in most peoples stomach, just that, it's faint. It becomes visible when the stomach starts getting big.

What can you do to prevent the pregnancy line?

If you are not pregnant, try engaging in some exercise to reduce your tummy.

When it starts getting noticed on your stomach and you are sure you are not pregnant, then change your lifestyle, it means a hormonal imbalances.

But if you are pregnant, there is nothing you can do to prevent the pregnancy line, until the delivery of your child. It is natural with pregnancy.

The linea nigra varies. Some people's own can be lighter, while some will be darker. But these variations seem to be normal and not a concern to worry.

And once a woman delivers, and the tummy starts reducing, the pregnancy line will reduce.

For those who are not pregnant, once their tummy reduces or their hormone balances, the pregnancy line will become faint.

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