Scientists discover people who are more prone to dangerous diseases

Scientists discover people who are more prone to dangerous diseases

As the world keeps getting complex, scientists keep researching for ways to better human life. So much thanks to them.
They have discovered some certain people who are likely to be prone to dangerous diseases and also ways to avoid them

The choices we make in life affect our life in one way or the other.

You keep reading about being positive, I think it's time to give it a thought. Thinking positively, being optimistic may have a good effect on your overall life.

According to a new study, researchers have discovered how positive thinking can reduce risk of certain diseases, like diabetes.

They discovered that, negative traits like pessimism or hostility could actually increase your chances of developing the chronic disease which is now common in the world.

140,000 women were followed for 14 good years of their lives, the three central personality traits were kept on check, negativity, optimism, and hostility.

The study proved that, women who were ranked higher for their optimistic, glass-half-full outlook had a 12 percent reduced risk of ending up with type 2 diabetes. On the contrary, for more pessimistic women, their risk was 9 percent higher. For hostility, that figure was 17 percent higher.

Living a positive life or optimistic thinking doesn't only decrease the chances of suffering the chronic disease, it has also linked to increase longevity, good heart health, and lower stress level.

Since these findings were discovered, researchers are looking towards the future of diabetes treatment that could be based on our specific personality. More work needs to be done in this sphere, but for now, working towards becoming an optimistic person is just an ideal.

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