Reason Meghan Markle always hold her baby bump in every occasion

Reason Meghan Markle always hold her baby bump in every occasion

Meghan Markle started holding her baby bump right from the early stage, even when it was clearly non visible.

Many believe she was being protective of the child, majority were on the idea she was over doing it.
While some have the idea that, there was a royal reason behind it.

There are some who took to social media to pour out their disgust regarding the cradle.

One woman wrote - "If I ever see another picture of Meghan holding her bump, I'm gonna vomit"

Another wrote - "Meghan, that child is not gonna fall off your belly"

While people find the act rather, unnecessary, there are some who believe that, it's just a way of caring for her unborn child.

According to believes, cradling a baby bump is a way of creating communication with the growing foetus.
Baby makes movement when the mother touches her belly.

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex is excited about her unborn child, and started early to cradle her tummy, even when the news had not yet broken that she was pregnant.

Looking at it in the psychological perspective,
She cares so much about her growing baby in the womb and this has made her to be constantly touching her belly.
She has grown unconsciously to it.
Most times, she touches her bump without even knowing it.
And it's normal with every pregnant woman.

So apart from this, there is no royal reason behind it.

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