Page 3| Which Goddess are you base on your birthday (photos)

Page 2| Which Goddess are you base on your birthday (see photos)

Capricorn – Hera
Hera is Zeus's wife, the Queen of the Sky, she helped him to govern Olympus. She is Zeus's right hand as they make decisions together. She is the ideal companion, the base of all of Olympus's success. She leads their marriage and public functions. She is well mannered and decent. She plays a crucial role in command. If your goddess according to your zodiac sign is Hera, you should know that she represents a powerful goddess, that allows you to connect to your inner world and guides you in decision making.

Aquarius – Athena
Athena is the daughter of Zeus, and was born armed and already an adult from her father Zeus's head, that had eaten her pregnant mother. She is the goddess of war and the defense of cities, wisdom, guardian of heroes, and patron of artisans. As far as her personality as a Greek goddess goes, Athena presents herself as an extroverted woman, independent, and dominant. She is highly practical and intelligent, always prominent in her workplace, and very intimidating, especially when it comes to men.

Pisces – Psyche (Psykhe)
And to finish things off, if you're a Pisces and you want to know who your goddess is according to your zodiac sign, we introduce you to Psyche, the human soul personified in mythology; Cupid loved this goddess but just from a distance hidden by night's darkness, he never let her see him. Psyche, curious, falls on top of him, he wakes up and runs away forever. Psyche invites humans to be strong and secure, especially when others judge them.

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So which Goddess are you? Let's find out

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