How to stop scary & evil dreams to enjoy our life (page 2)

where somebody is pursuing her, where somebody is trying to kill her, where somebody is trying to drag her to a grave, or where somebody is trying to poison her.

Your mind follows your thoughts and it will interpret the dream the way your thoughts are.

Another thing that can cause scary dreams is fear..
Example= When you are scared of failing exam, your dream will interpret where you are in the exam hall, but you couldn't write anything down. Others will be busy submitting their papers, but you can't. And when you wake up, you will be feeling more scared, thinking it was a message that you will fail the exam. No, it's your thought and not a message.

Last on the list is "late night movie".
If your mind is not the strong type to control the flow of feelings generated from a horror movie, then don't watch it at night.
A boy watched a movie of where a snake wanted to bite somebody.
In his dream, the snake developed to a Python and they were many. They started pursuing him.

Your mind gives you back what you gave it, but in a more elaborate way. That was why the little snake he saw in the movie migrated to a python in his dream.

If you are the positive type, your dreams will be positive.
You are the negative type, your dreams will always be scary and evil.

Learn to see the world from the positive perspective, and watch full happiness circulate your body.

The world is full of evil, but there are good in it. Believe on the good side, and your mind will be attracting good things.
And the negative energy will leave from your side, giving way for the flow of the good vibes.
There is no relationship between light and darkness.

Do not hate anybody, love people as you love yourself and an unknown happiness and joy will be moving about in your life.
It works like a magic....

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