How to stop scary & evil dreams to enjoy our life

Evil dreams createse s devastating effect for the dreamer.
God doesn't speak to us through scary dreams.
The ones from God come with symbol. God doesn't scare us all in the name of speaking to us, because we might end up being scared, missing out on the message the dream bears.

Dreams reveal a person's thought and personality.
If you tell me your dream, then I will describe who you are and the type of energy or spirit that is flying around you.

In the world, good spirits exist, and so with evil spirit.
Which energy is following you?
When a good energy is surrounding you, it will reflect in your dreams.

How can a good energy flow in your body?
When you stop seeing the world from the negative perspective. There is beauty in God's creation.
See things from good perspective.

People are bad, but there are also good in them as well. See them from their good side.
Learn to love everybody...
When you have love for everything, your positive energy will be triggered.

I have a friend who got disappointed on her wedding say. Her fiancé left her on the alter. Her family was devastated but she wasn't, because she was looking at the good reason her fiancé left.
It wasn't up to 6 months, she got married to the man of her dreams.

She saw things from the positive side, believing that, it happened for a good reason. Some would have believed that, her enemies from the village were behind it.

If she had had such thoughts, she would start having dreams like,

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