How to make any man buy you whatever you want

Men are so simple, very simple creatures, only if you understand them.
But they will become more complex and difficult when you try understanding how to get something from them.

Giving and helping out girls comes natural to them, it makes them feel like a real man, but only if you understand the secret.

Whether assistance or buying you an expensive Brazilian weavon you have been eyeing, you have to have the key.

Below are the secrets to making him buy you anything you desire

1, Understanding the right time to ask.
He is your man, you should understand him better and the moments that are usually best for him. Approach him on his happy moments and make your request, but make sure that, it's within his reach. Don't ask him for a car when you know he can't afford it....*winks*

2, Make sure he is not the only one giving
Men love it more when their girls casually get them a gift. In fact, it makes them feel special. They don't expect such expensive gift from you, just a little effort makes them crazy. If you are this type, he is ready to give you anything you ask, because he believes you deserves them.

3. Let him know he’s the best source for getting what you want. Don’t act as if he’s the last resort but the first and best choice.  Men love to feel needed. Stroke his ego, without being too needy...

4, Cook his favorite meal.
An adage says, "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach".
So, can you cook? If yes, then cook him his special meal.. While he is enjoying the meal, just sit beside him. A good man will look at your face and understand you want something. He will even ask you what you want in a playful manner. Then you place your request.
Remember what I said above... Helping a woman comes natural to men. So he will teasingly ask..." I know you want something... So tell me, what is it?"

5, Don't pressurize him
You’ve told him many times, so you shouldn't continue telling him.
He got the point, but you still continue to mention it. At this point, he may succumb to your wishes but not because he wants to, but because he feels pressured to do so. And they don't like it when they start feeling pressured. You may appear to them, like a girl who is too demanding. They don't like it.

6, Make him feel how special the gift is
Show appreciation, not only should you appreciate your man’s efforts, make him feel good about giving you what you want, make him feel that he got you the best.
Mark Kee says
“If you show some appreciation and don’t show any ‘gold-digger’ characteristics or selfishness, you can have the world,” 

7, Be who you want to be right from the start.
You need to set the record straight on how you want to be treated right from the start.
You can’t allow a man to walk all over you at the beginning of your relationship and then suddenly expect him to switch to being nice. You show people how to treat you. If you’re not a doormat and he does something to make you feel like you are, then state from the very beginning that you expect to be treated more kindly than he may have shown in that instance. You have to be strong enough to select a man who is good for you from the beginning and reject a man who is bad for you from the beginning

8, Dress to kill.
He knows you as a fashionable person before he met you. He knows you need to be taken care off and wouldn't want any man to entice you with gifts and snatch you. He will try his best to make sure he grants your requests.

9, Some might expect me to add "s1e1x1" to the list, but it doesn't always work.
He might promise you heaven on earth right there on the bed but won't fulfill it later. He was only flowing with the sweetness of the moment, he wasn't in his right frame of mind when he made the promise.

10, Request with a romantic and smiley face
When you want something, don’t ask frowning your face. It’s much more difficult to turn down a sweet, smiling angel than to turn down a scowling, angry, lady!

11, Don't tell him frankly that, if he doesn't grant what you ask him, there is another guy by the side who is ready to do it.
This is one mistake most girls make.
He will see you as a cheap gold digger, who is only after guys for money. And this might start killing the relationship.

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