How to get him to stay even after he is tired of you

How to get him to stay even after he is tired of you

It's just a simple step and he will have no option than to stay.

He used to love you, but recently that love is gradually fading away and you keep asking yourself what actually went wrong.
You keep asking him, and it seems he is getting more pissed off with you.

Here is the thing, you have stopped doing those things you used to do.

When people get comfortable in a relationship, they forget to keep implementing those qualities that got them into the relationship in the first place.

It's time to have a positive revise, return to your former self and watch him stuck himself into confusion on weather to leave or stay.
And while doing this, make sure you create a space. Don't get nervous that he is about to break up with you, and thereby disturbing him with text and calls.
Just be yourself.
Creating a distance will make him start missing you the more.

And there, you will have your man back.

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