How to deliver yourself after eating meat in the dream

How to deliver yourself after eating meat in the dream

What it means to eat meat in dreams and how to deliver yourself.

Most of the sicknesses people suffer are not from this realm.
You will chat with somebody and the next hour, you will hear the person is dead.

Some will just slump and die, while some will be from a minor headache.

When a phenomenon occurs in the spiritual realm, it manifest in the physical, only those who are spiritually conscious will get themselves delivered.

It's one thing to eat in dream, and another thing to eat meat, and in severe cases, raw meat.

Eating raw meat in the dream signifies death, sickness, diseases.

How are you going to deliver yourself after seeing yourself in this situation?

Immediately you wake up, pray over it.
Then head to your kitchen, pour a water into a plate, add a pinch of salt and bless the liquid.
Drink it and then it's solved...

Salt has a spiritual property that can dissolve any negative energy

But most importantly, don't forget to live a life of prayer to shade yourself from evil forces.

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