Gambian Actress goes extreme, removes intestines & ribs to get tiny waist

Their are people who can go extreme to get the desired shape want, and Princess Shyla is one of those.

Shyla is a Gambian Actress who had taken to social media to reveal how her tiny waist came about.

According to her, she removed 5 ribs, small intestines.
And she went ahead to stress that, she will still remove her big intestines, 5 more ribs.

Read her
"5 ribs removed ��� 5 more to go ���� small intestines removed � remaining the big intestines � gat to remove all these ribs �� who ribs ep � you call me fake I call myself a work of art �� #teamnowaist #melaninpoppin #princessshyngle #blackisbeautiful #saynotobleaching #gambianprincess #justforlaughs"

Can you try what she did to get an hourglass shape?

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