Destiny child! How she became normal after all doctors rejected her

Miracle child! How she became normal after all doctors gave up on her

This is the story of a mother whose faith changed the life of her daughter for good. Even when the doctors lost hope, she still focused on the Lord she serves.
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Long post till the end.
He gives beauty for I gaze at my daughter's beautiful sleeping face this night I am literally in tears as I anxiously wait for the clock to chime 12 so I can pray and bless her specially as she turns one. I debated within me whether to put this on social media, because it's very sensitive to me, but I know God will not forgive me if I don't testify so that someone somewhere will be blessed!

Docs told me from my very first pregnancy 2013 with my first son that I would not carry fullterm and even if I did, Harel would be my only child. News flash doctors⚡, I am a child of God👼! 2015 I fell pregnant, but had a painful miscarriage as I was reaching the 5th month. I kept the faith. I wanted my baby girl so when I became pregnant again in 2017, I jubilated.

On the day I went for my 2nd sonar, all I wanted to hear was, 'it's a girl! The tightfaced prof n docs(genetics & psychologist) scanned me for a long time. They then proceeded to tell me in a very sad voice that my pregnancy needed to be terminated with immediate effect. That I would not carry full term and even if I did, my child would be a vegetable. The child would have no brain function, and would be crippled for life.
My mind went blank, tears rolled down my face. They all spoke, but all I heard were mumbles.

As I was leaving, the question I asked the Professor was, Is it a boy or a girl? He was upset, and admonished me that it was irrelevant, and that all he needed was for me to come back within the week for a termination. I insisted on knowing the sex, and when he told me it was a girl, I left.
For the remaining months of pregnancy I soaked myself in the Word of God. I took communion every night and I would declare words of prophecy over my girl every single second.

I bought a pink dress and hung it opposite my bed on the window rail. It was the first thing I saw when I woke up, and the last thing I saw when I closed my eyes to sleep. I told only a few handful of people of faith.  I simply ignored the devil, and the reports of the doctors.  2017 the year of the supernatural, there were moments of severe depression and extreme emotional torment. In the 8th month of pregnancy a devastating tragedy hit me again that almost made me mental.

The day of my operation, I took charge by praying in the theatre asking the Holy Spirit to take charge. I passed out twice on the operation table. Her head was stuck in my rib cage area, and to bring her out the surgeon had to slice me from my chest to way below my naval area vertically. They brought her out dead and blue, and 4 doctors worked on her in a corner while the surgeon proceeded to take over an hour to sew me back up.

I eventually heard her crying and she was whisked away to ICU. I couldn't see her for 3 days as I was attached to an automatic dose of morphine machine.
When I eventually saw her, her eyes were wide open,huge, and sunken into her skull... she didn't look human. She couldn't move the head at all. What had I given birth to?

The first day of communion service that January I participated online in my ward, I wasn't allowed to stay with her in ICU. By the time I went back to see her after the program, she would be normal. But alas when I went to ICU she looked worse. I crumbled...brought her out and held her in my arms and wailed like Hannah while reminding God of all my seeds, my service to him all these years, my prayers, my prophecies. The nurses just nonchantly looked on...I didn't care.

I left, the next day I came back, her head had reduced drastically, and her visage had become so beautiful. I was amazed!
So even though she came out still a monstrous looking baby, the Power of God's love and the relentless, stubborn faith of a mother, made my baby the prettiest of them all.

She is perfect in every way. As I continue to declare, pray, and believe, all her organs and body parts are functioning daily.  Every milestone and movement from her its like me getting birthday gifts from God, and I don't take them for granted.
 She is a very bubbly, happy, and smart child. She loves to talk and play, and everyone simply adores her.

This is what all the doctors said she would not do.
It's been 1 year now, and I can declare with boldness that I won. The faith declarations over her will never stop as she is being perfected by Almighty God. I have my baby girl and we shall testify and praise God forever.
Zemira is 1💞🎉🎊

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