8 secrets that made Sriti Jha (Pragya) win the best

8 secrets that made Sriti Jha, Pragya of Kumkum Bhagya (Zeeworld - Twist of Fate) season 1 and 2 win the best actress.

Sriti Jya played the role of Pragya, in the Ekta Kapoor's film, Kumkum Bhagya.
The show made her win so many awards.
But below are some of the things that contributed to her success in the industry and they made her special among her colleagues.
Her role as Pragya portrayed her real life character.

Here are 8 things that made Sriti Jha special among all her colleagues

1, She is not the expensive and high demanding girl.
She doesn't expect so much from someone she loves. All she wants is a simple home with the man of her dreams.
She made this known on Zing’s Bad Company

2, She is a voracious reader
There are few women in the industry who have time for books. When someone mentions voracious reader, you can expect her to quote the Victorian writers or modern greats anytime, anywhere.

3, A travel addict
She enjoys travelling a lot, but still, she doesn't stuck her social media with her trip pics from abroad. She is just the simple type girl.

4, She enjoys traveling alone.
She is the type who also values her private life. She is comfortable travelling alone.

5, She is not a party freak.
She is not the type who jumps into every party in town.

6, Classy dresser
She might not be attending every TV party in town but whenever Sriti enters a venue, heads turn. She sure knows how to turn a simple outfit to look classy.

7, Talented actress
She is one of the most accomplished performers on TV recently with great timing. Sriti makes her emotional scenes stand out and can build chemistry with even a wooden door.

8, Her role as Pragya portrayed her real life character and she gave it her best.

Sure, our Pragya is loved by many due to her simplicity.

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