43 things that will happen after your mom dies

Death is an inevitable price everybody will pay. All we are praying for, is for a long prosperous and healthy life.

Losing a parent changes who we are, it's like joining a club that no one wants to be a part of.
It's a very sad situation to experience..

While our parents are still alive, let's learn to appreciate them, before it is too late.

Here are things that happens after the death of a mother

1, People keep paying condolences.

2, You realize how unprepared you are, how you were not ready to accept her death.

3, You wake up hoping it isn't true, that she is still there, sitting on her favourite chair.

4, She died in the hospital? You get a sad feeling each time you pass by that hospital

5, You keep crying a lot, sometimes you won't know when the tears appears.

6, you lose your appetite and isolate yourself from friends.

7, You try to force yourself to get over it. You insist you can do this on your own, but still you find the need to stay with loved ones.

8, You avoid all pictures, videos, memories of her. Seeing her image hurts.

9, People casually ask about her and you can't bring yourself to breaking the news.

10, Any TV show or movie with a funeral scene or just a mom character makes you cry.

11, Her room still smells like her and you just lay on her bed and wish you could talk to her for 5 minutes.

12, You clean out her closet, bedroom, and car and find little items that you didn't realize she kept.

13, Mother's Day comes around and you hide from the world.

14, You realise how painful it would be when you start having kids, she wont be around to see them.

15, On your wedding day, you start feeling her absence the more. You will be imaging the things she will help you with if she was around.

16, You will realise she won't be around to see you getting married to the person of your dreams and how happy you are.. It's just so sad.

17, You find a gift that you gave her, the tears will get rolling, remembering how happy she felt when you bought her the gift.

18, You find your photo in her purse and realising how precious you are to her.
Oh my God!

19, You feel for everyone else who is passing through the same situation.

20, You appreciate the people who acknowledge your loss in any way, big or small.

21, A problem that you can't solve arises. You get really heartbroken when you realize that it's because there's only one person you wish you could talk to.

22, The first time you start to feel a tiny bit better, you hope that it sticks, but it doesn't.

23, You start to panic about losing other people in your life.

24, You have dreams about her chatting with you, like you used to, only to wake up realisng it was only just a dream and you start crying again.

25, You later become successful in life and you feel bad, realising she wasn't around to celebrate with you, becoming the same person she had always wished you to be.

26, You divide your life into "before" and "after" her death.

27, You check through your phone hoping to find an old voicemail from her.

28, You already know what she would say in situations and sometimes hear it in your head.

30, You regret that you didn't do one particular task she asked of you.

31, You memorize the last thing she said to you.

32, You visit her gravesite, hoping for closure, hoping she will appear and talk to you.

33, You find the watch you got her for mother's day and you wear it. When you look at it, you see her.

34, People will tell you stories of her that you never knew about and you'll eat them up because you've gone through all the ones you already know numerous times.

35, An old family photo pops up in your facebook memories and you're like, "whoa we look so happy there."

36, You see pictures of yourself and think you look like her.

37, You think of how proud she would be of you.

38, You see that you have some of her same habits, and they will keep reminding you of her.

39, You wonder how your life would be different if she were still around.

40, You sometimes imagine her watching over you.

41, You describe her to people who didn't know her.

42, You go back to old places where you have memories together and they look so different now.

43, You appreciate the times that she pushed you to do better, and the times that she didn't.

Has your mom left you? Just have this in mind that she is somewhere better, watching over you.

Is your mom still alive? Then learn from this and make her happy.
Do all the things you could possibly do for her because, mothers are priceless.
So that when she finally joins her creator, you will be glad that you tried your best making her life worth living.
With these, you won't regret not doing anything for her.

Our mothers will live long to enjoy the fruit of their labour..

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