10 ways to know if your future wife/husband is a dirty type

10 ways to know if your future wife/husband is a dirty type

You are the type who abhors dirtiness and wish your future partner acknowledges the same perspective with you.

Do you know that, finding out will be very difficult, because during the visits, everybody will like to appear neat to impress their partner.

You will see the girls wearing their neatest undies and clothes, while the guys will tidy up their houses, wearing their neatest boxers or pants, neatest outfits.

Some girls will go extra miles, cleaning the house, sweeping the entire house, and now you are more impressed. And you went ahead to marry her only to realise that, she was nothing but a pretender

Now, let me open your eyes on how to find out if he or she is a dirty type.

1, During and after cooking, the kitchen is kept clean.
Neat girls will never stay in a dirty place. While still cooking, she makes sure the place is kept neat. After cooking, she tidy it up before dishing out food.

2, She can't wear the same short the next night.
She has already impressed you on the first day, what about the next day? Neat girls will never be comfortable wearing the same outfit or nightwear she wore the previous day.

3, She is cleaning your house to impress you? Every girl does that, but did she touch the deepest places? Neat girls don't clean the house halfway, they touch every nook and crannies.

4, Is she sleeping on the bed without dressing the bedsheet? A neat girl can never sleep in an untidy environment.

5, After dinner, does she wash the dishes immediately or she leaves them over night? A neat girl will know that, leaving dirty dishes will attract ants and cockroaches.

On the side of guys. This is very simple

6, Check how many boxers or pants he has? If they are below 4, then he is the type who wears one boxers for 1 week.

7, He has succeeded in tidying up his room because you are coming, but what about the inner corners. are they neat as well?

8, This one is the most obvious. Check the pillow sheet, is it having a foul stench? If yes, then he is the type who sleeps on one bedspread for 2 months.

9, What about his stockings? Are they smelling oddly? If yes, then you know the answer.

10, Check his wardrobe, is it tidy and arranged?

No matter how a person tries to pretend, his true personality will leave a mark somewhere...

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