If he loves you, these won't be his problems

Men are so different when it comes to love. They live in their own world entirely. If he truly loves you, these wont be his problems.

1, If he loves you,  sex won't be his problem.

2, If he loves you,  ditching his friends for you won't be a problem.

3, If he loves you,  giving you his time won't be a problem.

4, If he loves you, lying to you will be a problem.

5, If he loves you,  showing you to his family won't be a problem.

6, If he loves you,  making you cry will be a problem

7, If he loves you, calling him at an odd hour wont be a problem

8, If he loves, showing you off to his friends won't be a problem.

He is proud of you and so much in love with you.

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