Signs he only wants you to be his babymama

Not every man believes in marriage union, but they will honour the act of having children. Instead of settling down with a wife, they get a baby mama to make babies for them. They see marriage as a prison and wouldn't want any woman to tie them down forever. So, they see baby mamas the ideal anoptions of having children and still remain unmarred.

Here are 5 clear signs he wants you to be his baby mama.

1, He keeps telling you about babies and how cute and adorable it could be to have one with you, but when you raise marriage topic, he appears uninterested or sometimes, angry

2, He claims he doesn't like going intimate with you with protection, that you are special to him.

3, He keeps asking you about the next date of your menstruation, just to keep track of your ovulation

4, During your ovulation, his demand for sex increases, he will also buy you gifts to incite you into sex

5, He keeps reminding you that, he would like you to be the mother of his child(ren)

When you see these red lights,  the choice will be yours on whether you want be his baby mama or not.

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