This is what your life is becoming when you decides to be a comedian

Life challenges comedians face.

Comedians are talented individuals who have the ability to make others laugh through spoken words, in form of jokes or gestures.

There are born comedians and those who acquired theirs through constant learning and practice.
But the former does better in the field, than those who forced themselves into becoming one.
Comedians are loved by many, because people see them as an "entity" who brings out the laughter in them.
But before you sign your life up for being a full blown comedian, you should first consider these facts.

(1) Never Seen Serious - According to two few comedians we interviewed, they revealed that, people usually think they are joking when they are actually serious. When they are seeking to be understood, people will mistake their humble request, thinking they are only joking.

(2) - Can Land in Serious Trouble - This is mostly, the challenge most upcoming comedians face. Yes, people enjoy jokes, but not everybody does. Some comedians have landed themselves into trouble because of their funny jokes. This is why, most of them clearly indicate that, they are only "joking". that they shouldn't be taken serious.

(3) Never in for Serious Profession - Their comic life have taken full control of their entire beings, making it difficult for them to engage in other serious professions. For example, if you switch on Channels Television or TVC News and see Comedian Bovi or Basket Mouth casting news, what will first come to your mind?

But aside all these, being a comedian has a lot of benefits you can imagine. It can fetch you the money and fame, more than you can ever wish for, provided you are dedicated to your game.
If you think you can handle all these, then you are on your way of becoming a great comedian people will admire.

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