Stop chewing Apple seeds, It can kill within minutes

One apple a day keeps you away from the doctor, but that excludes eating the seeds.

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Some people already have the knowledge that apple seeds are dangerous to health, some consider them as healthy nuts, while some eat them by accident.
After reading this article today, you will consider being careful when next you are eating apple.

Apple seeds contain Amygdalin, a plant compound known as Cyanogenic glycoside. It's part of the seeds chemical defenses.
Amygdalun is converted into hydrogen cyanide when the seeds are chewed or crushed and metabolized and can be deadly harmful to the body.

It works by interfering with cell supplies and may cause death or lead to coma within minutes of consuming them in high dose.

However, swallowing a whole apple seeds is likely not to cause harm if they are not chewed. It will pass through your digestive system, still intact, because the seeds coat will make them resistant to digestion.

But relax, you don't have to panic if you mistaking chew and swallow an apple seeds, because it will take up to 200+ seeds seeds to kill an adult. But in prevention, it's better not to eat them at all.

We love our children a lot, so when giving apple to them, remember to remove the seeds.

A whole apple is a healthy fruit and can serve as a cool snack, but don't forget to cherish your health by removing the seeds.
And why eating them? They are bitter anyway....

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