Signs that money or fortune is coming your way.

We pray to God for everything and most times, when these requests are about to manifest, they come with signs for us to be alert so that, our lucks won’t be diverted.
Below are signs that good fortunes are coming your way.

1, You see loose change – You picked your old purse and in the process of dusting it, you see loose change or coins, it’s a sign that the coming days will be filled with money.

2, You constantly see the number, 8 – Eight is one of the luckiest numbers and its linked to good fortune.

3, Your palm scratches you – When your active palm starts scratching you, then it’s a good sign that money is coming your way. And it’s better not to scratch it, so that you don’t scratch the good luck away.

4, You get money in a specific day – You unexpectedly get a tip or a win in a specific day, then be expecting more in the coming weeks ahead.

5, Money in a full moon - You get money in the first day of a new moon,  then get ready, for the coming weeks or days will be filled with money.

6, You are pregnant – Ancient Chinese believed that, when you are pregnant, you are carrying a good fortune. This is why many people believe that, its bad luck to gamble against a pregnant woman, because she will definitely win.  Fortune tellers believe that, you can attract good fortune by staying close to a pregnant woman.

7, Insects keep visiting your home – Yea, most people hate seeing insects in their houses, but they are actually signs that good fortunes are coming their way. Some Chinese keep caged cricket in their houses because of their links to good luck. Brown insects, especially, grasshoppers, butterflies, spiders, crickets are symbols of good fortune.

8, You jam a bird on your way – This usually annoy some people, but when a bird relieves a waste on your head while on your way to work or to an important place, then know that, it’s a sign of good fortune coming your way.

9, You see your initials in spiders web – This is a sign that money is coming your way. And it’s not only money, you can wish for any good thing you want after seeing your initials in a spider’s web.  

Dream interpretations of good fortune

10, You dream of dirt or walking on a pile of  shit or human faeces, then its a sign of good fortune

11, You dream of plucking fruits, get ready for the coming days will be filled with money.

But above all, never stop praying, constant praying attract constant fortune.

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