9 Golden Tips you are successful even when you think you are nothing

Here are 9 important tips you are successful even when you think you are not.
It’s actually unsatisfying when people embrace the believe that they are unsuccessful even when the evidence of success is displaying all over them. The point is that, they are blind to notice it.

I took time to interview 20 people on what it means to be successful, 13 people stated that, when you make a lot of money and finally achieve your goals, then you can count yourself as being successful while others gave a different opinion.

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Majority of people in the modern society today see success as the amount of money one has in his bank account, how much physical properties he control and the kind of sophisticated people he associates with.

Now follow me, let me clear your mind that you are more successful than you think you are.

(1) YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT YOUR DREAMS – You haven’t actualise your goals yet, but you are still hopeful and passionate that you will achieve them? It means that your hope is still alive and active and with determination, you will reach your peak. Unsuccessful people are those who get fade up and give up on their goals.

(2) YOU ARE STRONG AND HEALTHY – This is the most important factor in determining how successful one is.
Have you taken out time to visit a general or teaching hospital? If you have done that, you will probably understand with me that, you are more successful than you think.
Life can be tricky with unexpected circumstances, ups and downs, making you feel frustrated, depressed to the point of losing it all and yet you still came out of it, pushing ahead with great expectations, trust me, it’s a cause for celebration. Not everybody made it out of that life’s unwanted situations.

(3) YOU LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES AND KEEP IMPROVING YOURSELF – Unsuccessful people believe that, they have tried all the possible means they could and there is no point pushing forward, but successful people learn from their failures, mistakes and keep improving themselves. They see their mistakes as a stepping stone into reaching their peak and bettering themselves.

(4) SOMEONE LOVES YOU – This is probably one of the reasons we keep pushing hard even when it feels like the whole world is against your success. You believe that your loved ones are depending on you to make their lives better. They trust you will make it and you don’t want to disappoint them. Their love renew your strength despite all obstacles.  So, do you have people who love and pray for you to succeed in life? You are successful more than you think.

(5) YOU CAN BOAST OF ESSENTIAL NEEDS – You have a home? You have clothes? You can feed yourself? Then forget other measures of success, just know that, you are doing absolutely great. With time, others will still come provided if you never give up.

(6) YOU HAVE PEOPLE WHO CARE TO LISTEN – During the bad times, you have people who listen, counsel and shower you with love, support, words of encouragement and in the process, lifting your hopes again, then what are we saying here? You can complete the sentence

(7) YOU HAVE A HAPPY AND PEACEFUL HOME - Family is first. If your family is a happy one that is enjoying the envelop of peace, trust me, you are successful.

(8) YOUR FAITH IS STILL UNSHAKABLE - Is your faith still strong and has never derailed? Is it still one of the ingredients that keep pushing you forward? Then you are doing a good job, keep on pushing, your expectations will soon knock on your door

(9) YOU STILL BELIEVE IN THE GOLDEN RULE – You still believe there is no shortcut to success except through hard work, determination and honesty. Many people often astray from this path during the challenging periods, but successful people believe in achieving their goals through honesty. In that way, they will be proud of their success tomorrow. If you still believe in this rule, trust me, you are doing great and soon your efforts will pay off. It’s just natural.

True success is measured by how happy you are and not by the weight of your pocket. So, If you have made it through this far, then you are doing wonderfully great.

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