8 powerful signs your personality is intimidating others

You find yourself, always feeling judged by people?
Sometimes, you think your opinion doesn't matter?
They most times, try shoving you off, steering you away from their shadows?
Reason is because, they believe you are better than them
And you, trying to meddle in their affairs mean overshadowing their own importance.

They believe that, once you get involved in their matters, the whole glory and credit will be showered on you because, you are very good in all you do.
And this will make them always feel intimidated by you.

Here are 8 powerful signs your personality is intimidating others

1, You are focused and don't tolerate ignorance. Being a no nonsense person makes people feel intimidated by you

2, You are open minded and don't stand for side talks, gossips, or speaking bad against another and this usually breed hatred in the minds of the people trying to engage you into gossip or speaking evil against another person. They will think that, you are always claiming to be a nice person, but in the actual sense, this is who you are. And this attitudes make them feel intimidated

3, You are smart, intelligent and willing to do new things - These make some people scared of getting into any competition with you because they believe you will always excel. And they won't help, feeling jealous, but in the actual sense, they are intimidated by your personality.

4, You most times, solve problems without the help of anybody.

5, You love being alone than dwell in the midst of people who have nothing reasonable to offer. And ignoring them will make them think you are trying to prove to them that, you are better than them. And this breeds hatred, anger. But truly, they don't understand you because, staying with them would only bring you down, crashing with your personality.

6, You value honest, truthful, focused and open minded individuals and would love to associate with them.

7, You are creative and innovative. These qualities make you surpass your peers.

Above all, you are kind. People might be judging you by your strong exterior, but inside, you are down to earth, just that you are one focused individual who doesn't stand for side talks, gossip and small talks.

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