13 diseases that can be cured by just having sex regularly (page 2)

8) Muscle Overload - Having sex is the best exercise to combat muscle and joints overload.

9) Beautiful skin - Regular sex helps improve skin' beauty, giving it a shiny look. It release toxins which are reflected on the skin appearance.

10) Lessing pains - Orgasm blocks pain. So before going for pain relieving pills, try having an orgasm.

11) Counts as Exercise - You know the benefits of regular exercise? Just know that, having sex atleast, twice a week falls into those categories

12) Stress - Sex is a good technique for stress control

13) Heart Function - Having sex regularly helps improve heart functions, by reducing the dangers of heart attacks and prevents increase in blood pressure.

Today, you have known the great benefits of having sex and how it can cure major ailments, but don't forget to consult your doctor regarding any serious medical issues.
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