How to know the type of person a woman is using her sleeping pattern

Do you know that a woman’s sleeping position speaks volume about her personality?

All women have that sleeping position they like most and always feel comfortable and doze off easily whenever they lie that particular pattern, but they never knew that, that particular position is speaking volume about who they are.

See these sleeping patterns below......

- According to research, a woman who enjoys sleeping on her side, stretching out her hands in a yearning form is believed to be open to people and inviting. But she can be a little suspicious of people and somehow cynical. She is very slow in making decision, but always ready to stick to something if she makes up her mind.

- A woman who sleeps on her side, stretching straight her legs is according to research believe to be very sociable. She loves to engage with all kinds of individuals. She is very trusting, which can sometimes leave her very gullible.


A woman who enjoys this sleeping pattern make her friends a huge priority in her life. She loves hearing their problems and can go out of her way to help when she can.

 – A woman who enjoys lying this position is considered to posses the shy personality, she is sensitive and can worry a lot. She appears though on the outside, but she is warm and conscientious.

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