How Cucumber can cause heart problems, cancer, acne, premature aging

We all know the great benefits  of cucumber.
It’s a known fact that cucumber is the king of all fruits, but we haven’t taken time to look at the adverse side effects of consuming this wonderful fruit.
Cucumber can be taken in various ways. It can be cooked, boiled, roasted, fried or taken with salad or eaten raw and the taste will still be great.

Today, I will be sharing with you how damaging this fruit can be in our body if taken in excess.

1 – Loss of fluid
I know you are rolling your eyes now, because Cucumber contains more than 90% water. Yes, excess intake of cucumber can leave you dehydrated. Cucumber seeds are the source of curcurbutin. A substance that has a diuretic properties. Though the diuretic effect is mild, but too much intake can lead to elimination of fluid in the body, disturbing the electrolytic balance.

2 – Excess Vitamin C 
Exceeding the normal recommendation for Vitamin C possesses its own negative effects, it will act like a pro-oxidant against its natural anti-oxidation. So, when consumed in excess, it will trigger the rise of free radicals in the body which could lead to cancer, acne, premature aging.

3 - Heart problems 
Cucumber contains more than 90% of water , taking excess water, could increase the net volume of blood. This in turn, exerts pressure on the blood vessels and on the heart. High presence of water could also create an imbalance in the electrolyte levels of the blood, which actually causes the seepage in cells. This will lead to frequent headaches and obstructed breathing.

4 - Excess Farts
As earlier mentioned, Cucumbers contain an ingredient called cucurbitacin. This element can trigger indigestion in people who have a sensitive digestive system and this could trigger bloating and flatulence, which your body tries to eliminate in the form of burps and farts.

5 - Allergic Reaction
According to American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology, some individuals are allergic to certain foods like ragweed pollen, melons, bananas, sunflower seeds etc. Those who are allergic to these foods are highly likely to be allergic to cucumbers because of a phenomenon known as cross-reactivity.
Those who experience these allergic reactions should avoid eating cucumbers in raw form and should replace it with another healthy salad like raw zucchini.

6 - Having a Respiratory Problem? Avoid Cucumber
If you are suffering from any chronic respiratory disease, you should avoid consuming cucumber. Cucumber possess cooling effects and this cooling effect of cucumbers can worsen the conditions of the respiratory problems resulting in complications.

But in general, moderation seems to be an ideal. Cucumber is a healthy vegetable, but learn to consume it in a minimal standard to save yourself from negative effects.

Credit - Goodhealthall, Stylecraze, American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology,

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