Do these simple life tricks and you will be amazed with the result.

Do these to your body everyday and you will be glad with the result.
Do these simple life tricks and you will be amazed with the result.

Many people fail to care for their skin, but when they see any sign of aging, they start fighting it. But the ugly truth is that, it will already be late by then, that is why, the earlier you start caring for your skin, the better. 
Though, there are people who belong to the family where genetic factors play a faster role on how they age, but taking care of your body can delay this process.

1 – LACK OF QUALITY SLEEP– It’s mandatory we should sleep 7 hours a day. It does not only play a role in keeping a healthy skin, it also helps the brain to function properly. Lack of quality sleep promotes premature aging, wrinkles, eye bags and saggy skin.

– Bearing grudges and bitter heart can accelerate aging. Learn to find happiness in every little thing. Learn to be happy with people, go to places or watch TV shows or programs that will force smiles out of your heart. It doesn’t only help the heart, it helps create glowing face and reduces wrinkles.

3 – EXCESSIVE MAKEUP – Now over to the ladies. You might think you are doing yourself good by enhancing your beauty with makeup to look more confident, but hey, you are only damaging your skin tissue. If you must use make up, please make it occasional but make sure to wipe your face with Coconut oil or shear butter.

4 – UNHEALTHY LIFE STYLE – It’s a known fact that, alcohol is good to the body, but when taking in excess, it leads to an unwanted health complications. Smokers are liable to die young, but smoke addicts laugh at this simple warning. Smoking also causes dehydration and can dry out and weaken the skin. Live away from smoking and excessive alcohol for the good functioning of your heart, kidney and skin.

5- USE SUNSCREEN – Protect your skin by using sunscreen every day. Sunscreen minimizes UV impact on the dermis.

6 - EAT HEALTHY – Eating healthy foods have significant roles in slowing down the aging processes. You can search online to see list of healthy foods.

– Hmm, many people see exercise as a very heat stress, but little did they know that, they are depriving their bodies one of the essential things they need to look young and healthy. Good exercise also helps the heart.   

8 - FEAR AND ANXIETY - Block the gateways that will make fear creep into your heart. Believe in living a simple life. It will save you a lot of heart ache. And when your mind is at peace, it also reflect on your skin.

So, do these simple healthy tricks and thank me later..

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