The Boy in viral photos is the pregnant lady’s son, not her lover

Yesterday, there was a viral report of a 16-year-old boy who posed for loved up photos with his pregnant lover and photos were shared to back up the story.

However a new tweet debunks the report, stating that the boy in the photo is actually the lady’s son not her lover.  The tweet came with the caption;

    Those of you that post shits without proper investigation, I hope you feel so stupid now!
    Posting fake shits or rumor about people has ruined so many life! It’s such a shame we still haven’t learnt, sometimes it’s bettee@not to RT or comment and just be on the fence than contribute to ruining someone’s image/life.

The report was linked to the story of a mom who narrated how she got pregnant for a 16-year-old toyboy lover, who is almost half her age after meeting him on Facebook – and they’re now a “happy family”.

Kathleen Martin, now 32, from County Durham, began chatting to teenager Jack Fucile, now 18, on the social media site in June 2015 after he offered to help sort out her garden.

After seven months together, Kathleen discovered she was pregnant and Jack ended up delivering their baby in the bedroom when she went into labour three-and-a-half weeks early.

Now their son, Jay, is nine months old, and despite the fact Kathleen already has two children from previous relationships, with only five years between Jack and her eldest, she said they all get along “really well”. She explained:
    “We are just one big family now and it’s really lovely.
    “When Jay gets older we will tell him how his daddy brought him into the world – and tell him what a good job he did.”
Kathleen admitted she did have reservations about dating Jack, who is 14 years younger than her and had only just left school when they met. She told how Jack’s mum Angela, who is eight years older than her, was “shocked” when she heard about their relationship.

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