Strange! Woman swept away by sea waves reportedly found one year later on the same place

An Indonesian woman declared missing more than one year ago after being swept away by a large wave has been found.

She was found on the same beach that she disappeared from and wearing exactly the same clothes she had on when the unfortunate incident happened.

According to, 52-year-old Nining Sunarsih was on vacation in Sukabumi, West Java, when she was swept away by a strong wave on Citepus Beach.

She was thereafter carried out to sea by strong currents.

At the time, eyewitnesses said they heard the woman screaming and waving her hands for help but they were too scared to go in to help. Search and rescue operations didn’t find any sign of her until a week after the tragic disappearance when a dead body was discovered in the area. They asked Nining’s family to come and identify the body, and even though it was reportedly in very bad condition, her relatives were convinced that it wasn’t her, because it lacked a distinctive birthmark on the abdomen, and the fingernails looked very different.

With no other leads to follow, authorities ordered a DNA test on the found body to confirm whether it was the missing woman or not. They compared the DNA of the body to that of the woman’s son, Wanda, and found that they didn’t match.

Still, with search operations yielding no results and the chances of Sunarsih actually being alive after several days lost at sea, authorities called off the effort and pronounced her dead.

The woman’s family never accepted the idea that she might be dead, and believed that she was still alive. A few days ago, the 52-year-old’s uncle allegedly had a dream about her in which she told him to look for her on a beach, close to the place where she had disappeared from over one year ago. He didn’t pay much attention to the dream at first but after allegedly having the same dream multiple times; he finally told the family about it and decided to go look for her.

Sunarsih’s family started searching for her on June 30, 2018 but couldn’t find any trace of her on the beach she mentioned in her uncle’s dream.

However, they kept searching through the night, and on Sunday morning, at around 4:00am, they found her unconscious, all covered in sand.

The family, according to reports, took the woman home and cleaned her up, but because she didn’t seem very healthy, they took her to the hospital.

She is said to be recovering at the hospital even though many have questioned the authenticity of this story.

Source: OddityCentral

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