See how thief skillfully stole an iPhone from an office while everyone was watching

A thief walked into an office recently and stole a worker’s iPhone while all other workers were looking at him and not one of them noticed.

The man walked into Angel Homes and Lettings, on London Road in Southend, pretending to ask for directions – in his hand was a large map and with it, he expertly stole an iPhone lying in plain sight.

He leaned over the desk of an employee as he asked for direction, and as he did, he placed the map over the phone. As employees helped to direct him, he deftly lifted the phone under the map and held it with the map hiding it.

It wasn’t until after he left the office that the employee realized his phone was missing. When they looked through a CCTV footage, they discovered how the man they thought they were helping had played a fast one on them.

The letting agency shared the footage of the incident as a warning to others.

    “We will be eternally grateful if anyone can identify him,” the agency wrote. “It appears he has been doing the same thing around lots of local businesses so please beware.”

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