"Raphael Udoye is a liar and must apologize" Bride's brother reveals the truth

On Monday, news broke online about a man, Raphael Udoye who cried out to the general public that his 17 year old sister, Blessing Udoye has been kidnapped by a man whom he claimed to be the girl's husband.

According to Raph, the man married his sister without the family's consent, without paying her dowry and other traditional marriage rites. He further stated that the man will never be accepted by the family as their in-law and in case anything happens to the sister in the future, he will never escape his wrath.

He also added that none of the bride's family members attended the wedding, because they were never in support of the marriage which took place in one of the new generational churches, Fishers of Men Charismatic Church, in Isiokpo, Ideato North LGA of Imo State You can read all his words HERE if you missed

According to investigation conducted by Xperiang.com, the facts uncovered have labelled Raphael Udoye an alleged liar and attention seeker.

Speaking with Blessing's other brother, Benneth, the bride's family members, both her parents were present at the wedding and which can be proven from the pictures below.

Here is a picture of blessing's brother in handshake with the groom

Though, Bennett confirmed that, there was an initial disagreement before the wedding, because the groom's family went ahead to print wedding cards without informing the bride's family first. But the matter was resolved after the groom's father came to their village house and apologised to them, stating their reasons for taking such actions without informing them. So the bride's family members forgave them after understanding their reasons, excluding Raphael who is still bitter that his sister is still young for marriage

Below is Bennett's statement

 This is from her Brother, I am her biological brother. It's just that the pastor said that they are the one to handle their wedding anniversary. We all agreed because they agreed to bring all the traditional requirements & the man in question is not a member of fishers of men, but he agreed to Wed in the girls church. When they concluded that, the groom printed their wedding cards without our concern. Before that, I rushed to their pastor and I asked him why will they do such without our concern. He replied me that, it's their marriage constitution. After that, I told him to cancel the wedding card because they have to let us know before they do anything concerning the marriage ceremony and ME,OUR FATHER, & MY BROTHER told him that the marriage date have to be postponed. He replied us that they have shared some of the invitation cards, that we should please forgive them. Later, the following day in the morning, the father of the man arrived our compound, after that, our father called me & my brother Raphael, when we came out, he told us that he is the father of the boy anf he also begged us for forgiveness and also told us that the girls pastor is the one that told them to do so, after all that we and our father was very angry. Later, our father told us to forgive them because they agreed to do all the marriage requirement, but after that, I didn't know that my brother has never forgive them.  Please this is how it happened.

Also below is the facebook post made by Bennett
De Raph Man please hide your face, is this woman not your mother or is brocken bottle not your Father, you must apologize to the people of isiokpo and the entire public for the atrocity you committed. If you are mentally ill, why not come to the village for urgent treatment than making yourself a general fool.

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